[pygtk] Re: pygtk.org mockup

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez lgs at sicem.biz
Mon Jul 24 15:07:22 WST 2006

Hi Panos,

I'm the author of the current website design and one of its maintainers. 
No need to say that your mockup rocks! :-)

When I wrote the current pygtk website I try use mod_python (or any 
other similar approach) to allow more dynamism to the website and I 
faced to gnome.org rules for websites and scripting. They are pretty 
simple: no scripting allowed :-)

That's why I wrote stp.py[1]. We may not have a lot of dynamism in pygtk 
but we try to make the website easy to maintain. Stp.py is used to 
pregenerate the website from a set of files.

Having said that I wish you lots of luck in the task of convincing 
gnome.org maintainers to bend their policies a little bit. Come one! we 
are on the XXI century!!

Keep up the good work


[1] http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/pygtk-web/stp.py?rev=1.2&view=markup

Panos Laganakos wrote:
>>   Last time I heard, they didn't allow CGI scripting in the web server
>> where pygtk.org is hosted.
>>   Is it possible for you to checkout the gnome cvs module pygtk-web and
>> hack on it, maintaining the existing structure as much as possible?
> Yeah Gustavo, I can, although after browsing it a bit online its kinda
> stale/non-untuitive.
> It would be great to have a more interactive site, where it would be
> easier to update the different parts of it without having to hack on
> the templates etc. Plus using django as a backend we can make lots of
> cool stuff, and django kinda becoming a standard in the web these
> days, so its really easy to hack and maintain it.
> Even so, if we don't have any other alternative, I'll do what I can
> with the current structure, but I'd like to be able to do a real live
> website.
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