[pygtk] Re: pygtk.org mockup

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro gjc at inescporto.pt
Sun Jul 23 09:58:13 WST 2006

Sáb, 2006-07-22 às 21:08 +0300, Panos Laganakos escreveu:
> Yeah Gustavo don't worry :)
> I started implementing the base CSS of the new style and things are
> looking pretty smooth. Stay tuned for a linky of a test XHTML.
> Should I just work on a theme or on a whole site build? If so, I'd be
> happy to build a django powered project for the new site.

  Last time I heard, they didn't allow CGI scripting in the web server
where pygtk.org is hosted.

  Is it possible for you to checkout the gnome cvs module pygtk-web and
hack on it, maintaining the existing structure as much as possible?


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