[pygtk] accessibility mystery

Rich Burridge Rich.Burridge at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 24 23:58:32 WST 2006

Hi Dusty,

>Thanks Rich, I think that's exactly the start I'm looking for. I
>notice it uses bonobo to access the registry, does this mean gnome
>must be running? 

Not the whole of GNOME. I've run AT-SPI programs under CDE, the
other operating system that comes standard on Solaris, and they've
worked fine.

There is going to be a minimal set of applications/daemons that
you will need to have running. at-spi-registry for one.
bonobo-activation for another. To get the definitive set, I suggest
asking on one of the GNOME accessibility mailing lists.

>Since I'm running firefox, I assume this means I have to enable
>"something else" to get the registry to recognize the applications

We are working with firefox engineers to make sure that this fully
understands AT-SPI as well. It's early days yet. When we finished,
this should be just another application that accessibility software
can "listen in on" and respond to. StarOffice/OpenOffice will be

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