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Nicolas ROMAN nicolas.roman at aliacom.fr
Mon Jan 2 22:26:37 WST 2006

le Mon, 02 Jan 2006 09:22:26 -0500, Gary Jaffe écrivait : 

> I wrote a pygtk application that displays ascii letters and
> spaces arranged as 70 columns by 20 rows.  Each letter and its
> background color represents a potential appointment spot in a
> doctor's office.  The user can click on any of the letters to
> either make or view an appointment. This is working, but is too
> slow.  It takes about a second to redraw the letters, even when
> using pyrex or psyco.
> I implemented this by using an EventBox() for each letter (to
> catch the clicks) and then added a label to each EventBox() to
> display the letter with its background color.  I'm considering
> using a TextView() instead to display the letters and managing
> the letters with pango.
> Is this likely to be faster, or is there some other way of
> implementing this that would be faster?

could'nt gtk.Buttons() do the job ? (not sure it will speed up
your app but...)

> Thanks for any assistance.



> Gary
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