[pygtk] UTF-8 font not getting displayed in pygtk

Danny Milosavljevic danny.milo at gmx.net
Sat Feb 18 03:24:01 WST 2006


Am Mittwoch, den 15.02.2006, 21:45 -0800 schrieb Anand Kulkarni:
> Hi,
> We are developing a free software for the school
> children. The software is developed using pygtk (2.0.0
> or higher) and glade-python (2.0.0 or higher).
> The user interface is in Marathi language. We are
> using a widget called GtkTextView to display marathi
> text. 
> The marathi text is coming from xml file. We have
> written sax parser to parse it and display this UTF-8
> based marathi text into GtkTextView.
> It is showing marathi text inside GtkTextView if we
> run the software on Linux platform. But on windows
> 2000 / XP, it is showing garbage text.

What gtk+ version

> I heard that all Gtk widgets support UTF format. 

Yes, UTF-8.

> Then
> why it is not working on Windows platform?


Does that also happen when you manually add some text into the textview
(or set a constant text from within the source code, just for testing) ?

Does that only happen for gtk textview or for all gtk widgets ?

> The matter is very urgent. Can somebody please guide
> us in this matter?
> Waiting for the early reply.
> regards,
> Anand


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