[pygtk] New pygtk developer

paololuise at inwind.it paololuise at inwind.it
Sun Dec 24 23:30:53 WST 2006

Hello to every body,
I would like passing from window to linux and I'm studing pygtk for developing GUIs; I use Glade to design the interface and so I bind to it with pygtk...but there's a thing that I'm not able to do, and I don't find any example about it, and I hope somebody can hep me.
I have a glade file, with 3 windows (gtk.Window); how can I do to access to the single widgets of every window?
For example, in window1 there is a gtk.Label called lbDesc, and there is another with the same name in window2. How can I refer to one or the other to set their text label?
I'm sorry for my not perfect english, and I hope someone can answer to my question

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