[pygtk] Filters window in Thunderbird

Johan Dahlin jdahlin at async.com.br
Fri Aug 4 02:34:07 WST 2006

Arnau Sanchez wrote:
> Hi!
> I am trying to make something similar to Thunderbird's filters (if I am
> not wrong, it uses GTK):

Thunderbird is not written in GTK, it's written in XUL.

It's not easy to do the same thing in GTK+, you would have to write your own
 widget which can display selectable rows.

I started to write a somewhat similar widget in kiwi, which allows you to
select children of a box:

While not finished, it may give you some hints how to write a complete
widget like the one in thunderbird.

Johan Dahlin <jdahlin at async.com.br>
Async Open Source

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