[pygtk] Good editable grid widget for PyGTK?

Fernando San Martín Woerner snmartin at galilea.cl
Fri Aug 4 00:01:10 WST 2006

Vincent Delporte escribi=F3:
> Hello
> =

> I'm evaluating PyGTK to write a business application for either Linux or =

> Windows. I'll need a good grid/spreadsheet editable widget, maybe not on =

> par with eg. ComponentOne's excellent VSFlexGrid =

> (http://www.componentone.com/newimages/flexgrid_02_lg.gif), but somewhat =

> professional-grade.
> =

> Any recommendation?
> =

gtk.TreeView(), is a powerfull widget in pygtk, but also is very hard to =

figure out how to use it, including columns, stores and renders, for =

begginers is one of the most difficult stuff to get working, after you =

get the trick is quite easy and you can do a lot with it.

If you're a looking for a framework to develop in a multiplatform =

enviroment, may be you're looking for Kiwi,


is based on pygtk but is oriented to handle data, like other customized =

widgets on win32 or linux enviroments. Kiwi is a real option for =

enterprise developer and there are real apps using it.


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