[pygtk] Pygtk + Glade + OO

Guillaume Proux guillaume.proux at scala.com
Tue Oct 11 10:18:23 WST 2005

Hi Phil,

Maybe you can do something I do a lot. I create a wrapper for the object 
I inserted in my gladefile (like a treeview) for example. And I use the 
__getattr__ to call into the wrapped object.

For example

class TreeViewWrapper:
   def __init__(self,wrappedobj):
     self._obj = wrappedobj
   def __getattr__(self,attr):
     return getattr(wrappedobj,attr)
   def a_new_method(self,a):

treeview = TreeViewWrapper(mygladetree.get_widget("tv"))



philopensource at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi list,
> I want to design my gui using glade and then inherit some classes from 
> widget of the gui.
> As i can only get the instance of widgets using 
> gtk.glade.XML.get_widget(name), how can i inherit some classes from the 
> instance?
> Thanks a lot for your answer.
> Philippe Collet

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