[pygtk] get the before-new-selection is accepted selected item in a combobox

Nikos Kouremenos kourem at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 07:31:34 WST 2005

Hello guys, I need a way to know what was active before the change in
a combobox.
so I tried (with faith to magic :D):

combobox.connect('changed', self.on_combobox_changed,

def on_combobox_changed(self, widget, before_change_active):

but before_change_active has always the same value (the first value,
at the time of connection)

Any ideas on how to reach my goal?

Thanks in advance
Nikos Kouremenos | Jabber ID: nkour at jabber.org | http://members.hellug.gr/nkour

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