[pygtk] create help for a multiplatform app

pier carteri pier.carteri at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 17:30:03 WST 2005

Hi to all,
I'm developing a multiplatform app with python and gtk. It must work fine in 
linux and in window (maybe also OsX). 
As every good app It must have an help (better a contextual help) showing 
how to use it.
But at this point I'm not sure what to do. I can see more than one option:

1) Using text capabilities of gtk (TextView, TextBuffer) I can create a doc 
browser that can
display help, images and also simulate hyperlink.
-easy to implement
-no other packages needed
-work on all gtk platform

-Doc must be stored plain text file (i.e. no html support)
-No real print capabilities 
-Producing doc also requires some programming knoledge

2)I can create a pdf manual (have you any suggestion about tools I can use 
for this task?)
-Print support
-No programming knowledge

-Need external app
-Not sure how well AcrobatReader/evince/gpdf/(others?) can be manipulated 
from a pygtk-app: should I write 
specific code for every apps?

3)I can use an external widget like gtkhtml to create a simple browser for 
html pages (open a real browser like firefox for 
display a simple plain html page is a waste of resources IMHO)
-Doc in html

-Need external package (not sure if these widget are also available for 
windows) and they must have also python bindings

4) Other ideas?

Which street should I follow?

Thank you!

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