[pygtk] Printed books?

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at mmn-arquitectos.com
Tue Oct 26 20:27:16 WST 2004

Dave Aitel wrote:

> Well, that's true, but I think a lot of the value of a book would be 
> (and this is what I told the publisher) in the advanced chapters. How 
> to design a good GUI from the ground up, something that handles 
> threading properly, is easy to maintain, and has advanced features 
> (drag and drop, integration into your main engine, etc) working 
> nicely. I know there are a lot of things I learned while writing 
> CANVAS's GUI that I would have been happy to read in a book. :>

Why not work on it on the tutorial?. It already has support for pdf 
output and is the main reference for many people learning pygtk 
programming. The remaining chapters to make it even better are waiting 
to be written. :)
New ideas, an outline for missing chapters, common tricky issues, etc 
and some help are surely greatly welcome by the tutorial author.



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