[pygtk] Glade widgets trees as reusable prototypes ?

Dave Aitel dave at immunitysec.com
Thu Oct 21 04:30:24 WST 2004

Cut and paste works nicely in Glade-2! Have you tried that?

Brett Viren wrote:

>Is there some way to produce a widget tree in glade and then use it as
>a prototype to produce many duplicate instantiations.
>Specifically, I want to have a notebook where each page should hold
>the same set of widgets.  The number of pages is initially zero and
>will have new pages added in the course of the application's run.
>I'd like to use glade to produce the moderatly complex contents of the
>page once then some how copy the libglade tree into each new notebook
>I'm using the latest gtk and glade bindings.
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