[pygtk] FileChooserDialog on Win32

Cedric Gustin cedric.gustin at swing.be
Wed Oct 13 18:06:13 WST 2004

Chris Lambacher wrote:
> I am having a problem with FileChooserDialogs in win32.  I am using
> the win32 aio installer which worked as expected with version
> 2.4-rc17, but other versions do not work.  The action area does not
> seem to be generating events so clicking on the open or cancel buttons
> do not work.  I am using libglade and have not tried it without
> libglade yet to see if the problem is isolated to libglade, though I
> suspect it is since the glade tool does not have a problem with its
> file chooser and it should be using the same libraries.  Did something
> change that I need to take into account?  It supprises me that I could
> possibly be the only person using a FileChooserDialog with libglade in
> PyGTK on win32.

Please try the filechooser example (examples/gtk/filechooser.py) in the 
pygtk-2.4 tarball. It works for me against win32 aio 2.4-rc21.

If it also works for you but fails in a glade file, please send a 
minimal .py + .glade test case that reproduces the problem.


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