[pygtk] GTK Extra widgets !

Steve McClure smcclure at racemi.com
Mon Mar 22 20:49:00 WST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 00:08, Somesh Bartakke wrote:
> when am usinf pyGTK i have to write functions for each and evry
> signal, no default available for Fileselections box'x cancel and Ok
> buttons, i come to know that there is package called GTKExtar which
> handles all these stuffs,
> is it possible to use it in PyGTK on WIN32 ? where is it ?
> Somesh Bartakke
> Q-Soft Pvt Ltd,Pune.

What is provided is so trivial that it really isn't worth building an
extra dependency on your application.  At least, in my opinion.

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