AW: Re: [pygtk] Avoid interpretation of char '_' in itemfactory

Maik Hertha maik.hertha at
Mon Mar 22 02:00:52 WST 2004

Thank you for your assistance, works as expected.
Next time I try all documentation before posting. ;-)

BTW. Should we have this item in the pygtk-faq?

:> Double the underscore and the menu should display a single 
:> underscore instead of creating an accelerator.  The 
:> replace() method should work:
:>         dl.replace('_', '__')
:> This is mentioned in the GTK+ documentation under the
:> gtk_label_new_with_mnemonic() function.  Of course this 
:> probably isn't the first place someone would look, although 
:> there is a pointer from the docs on 
:> gtk_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic():

Mit freundlichem Gruß /
with best regards

Maik Hertha

maik dot hertha at berlin dot de

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