[pygtk] Threading

Antoon Pardon Antoon.Pardon at rece.vub.ac.be
Wed Jun 23 16:30:38 WST 2004

On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 07:27:33PM -0400, dave wrote:
> I personally believe the best way is to have  a socket or pipe as a 
> trigger, and do all your gui stuff in one main thread, triggered by a 
> socket connection. Immunity does this on both win32 and linux to avoid 
> all the problems with threading entirely. If I get some time, I'll write 
> a quick paper on it and give some good examples.
> -dave

Well I use idle_add if I want all gui stuff to be done in the main

What I would prefer is somekind of gtk.Queue class that would
work like the queues from the Queue module but for which it
would be possible to register a handler with queue_add_watch
just like you can register a handler for io with io_add_watch.

Now I more or less simulate this by thinking of the idle_add
like a Queue.put() and the call of the registered function
like a Queue.get().

BTW, In trying to understand how to work with threads, I have
written number of programs that all do the same but which
are organised differently in how the threads cooperate.
(They look a bit like the wxPython thread demo)

Allthough they aren't finished yet, they could be usefull
as demo's. Do demo programs need to follow some guide lines?
Does someone has some place to put them? Can I put them on
the list? Maybe someone else can give them a look over
since I consider my self a gtk-newbee, so maybe somethings
I do could be done better?

Antoon Pardon

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