[pygtk] traversing a TreeView

Christian Bird cabird at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 09:13:28 WST 2004

I've got a question about the best way to iterate over the items in a
TreeView starting with an arbitrary item in the treeview.  I'm trying
to implement a search that starts with the row selected by the user
and then continues searching down the rows, but I can't figure out a
decent way to do it.  Here's the basic layout of my code:

def onSearchActivated(self, widget):
    searchText = widget.get_text()
    (path, column) = self.treeView.get_cursor()
    iter = self.treeStore.get_iter(path)

    for searchIter in <something here>:
        item = self.treeStore.get_value(searchIter, 0)
        if item.prompt.find(searchText) > -1:
            searchPath = self.treeStore.get_path(searchIter)
            self.treeView.set_cursor(searchPath, column, 0)

Does anyone know how to do this?  I'm using python 2.3 so generators
are perfectly acceptable (and preferred since they remove the search
logic from the traversal logic).  I thought of doing a depth first
search, but I want to traverse to siblings of the user selected row's
parent.  Basically, any row that is visually underneath/below the
current row when the tree is completely expanded out.  If anyone has
done this before, I'd love some advice.  Thanks.

Christian Bird

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