[pygtk] Re: how to intercepting toplevel widget destroy event to hide rather than destroy

Luc Lefebvre luc.lefebvre at mcgill.ca
Wed Jan 7 10:58:55 WST 2004

Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

> The general solution is here:
> http://www.async.com.br/faq/pygtk/index.py?req=show&file=faq10.006.htp
> Cheers,
> Malcolm

Interestingly this works for my "About" dialog, I trap the "on_dialog1_delete_event", hide the widget,  and return gtk.TRUE.  If I try the same trick with a FileDialog (ie. trapping "on_file_selection1_delete_event") clicking the "x" in the top right of the FileSelection window this event is not triggered (while it is in a conventional dialog box).  I must be missing something, any insight would be appreciated...


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