[pygtk] Python + PyGTK + GLADE + iPaq

Roberto Cavada cavada at irst.itc.it
Mon Aug 30 20:09:47 WST 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 13:01 +0200, Gianluca Sartori wrote:
> Is there anyone here
> who have experience or can say a word of wisdom about mixing Python +
> PyGTK + GLADE on an iPaq?
Some time ago I compared a pure GUI java+swing based application with an
equivalent pygtk-based application. 

Java ate up 120Mb and 14 threads, pygtk fit in less then 20Mb (and 1
thread). Response time of the GUI part was comparable, with the feeling
of a  slightly faster feedback of java. With pygtk the application had a
very similar appearance among the PC and the palmtop. This was not the
case under java. 

This simple experiment was intended to use the default settings of both
technologies as they are available under the Debian Linux distribution,
both on iPaq and PC platforms. Please take into consideration that the
results could be considerably different whether different settings were
used. Since its goals were different, the test did not go into these
aspects of the question. 


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