[pygtk] Glade XML wrapper and easy callbacks

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez lgs at sicem.biz
Thu Aug 5 23:04:02 WST 2004

El jue, 05-08-2004 a las 16:09, Doug Quale escribió:
> Christian Robottom Reis <kiko en async.com.br> writes:
> > On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 08:56:22AM -0500, Doug Quale wrote:
> > > Like Sridhar I also find it inconvenient to have to specify signal
> > > names in the glade file and then match them up in my code.  I think
> > > it's much easier to forget about setting the signals in the glade file
> > > and simply connect them based on method names.  
> > 
> > And to be honest, I'd appreciate it if Gazpacho could offer a way to
> > avoid even displaying this tab. It might be nice to have a "signal list"
> > button to display signals associated with a widget, but maybe that's
> > better dealt with via online docs.
Talking about Gazpacho I'll share with you the way I plan to implement
signal_autoconnect in Gazpacho:

1. First check if there is a method named
[on|after]_widgetname__signalname and if so connect the signal
'signalname' to the widget 'widgetname'

2. Then check if the glade file has any signal definition (specified in
Gazpacho signal editor) and then also connect these.

So basically, we wouldn't need the signal editor and all connection
could be done from the source code of the user program. Why don't
removing Gazpacho signal editor?. Well I can think on at least one
scenario where it could be usefull: connecting two signals of two
different objects to the same signal handler.

> The signal list in gazpacho is very cool because it's nice to be able
> to see all the appropriate signals in one place.  The docs are good,
> but it's inconvenient to have to check the entire class hierarchy.
> > Maybe Gazpacho should offer a way to browse John's reference manual in a
> > hypertext thingy. Or maybe I should stop giving people ideas <wink>.
> An excellent idea.  Now all we have to do is contribute some code to
> do it ....

Go for it!

Seriously, I think we don't have enought signal introspection in pygtk
(or even GTK) but generating xml files with that info and making
Gazpacho use them should no be hard.


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