[pygtk] example of dnd in a treeview

Walter Anger WalterAnger at aon.at
Thu Nov 6 12:16:13 WST 2003


   I couldn't find any example of a gtk.TreeView fully reorderable per drag and drop, neither in python nor in C. gtk.TreeView.set_reorderable() has many drawbacks, most annoyingly those that one cannot "parent" an iter. but, as dnd in a gtk.TreeView is a most demanded feature, I fiddled around some weeks. It turned out not an easy task for a beginner in pygtk, python und programming as well.

   well, the attachment is a working example. please send comments of all kinds - suggestions on enhancement, error handling, style, etc.

   what I don't like about it in particular is that a user has to gain experience how to place the items. It seems to be more issues of gtk proper and lacking of conventions for a uniform userinterface. maybe some sort of preview, where exactly the row to move will ultimately be placed would be a handy solution.


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#!/usr/bin/env python

    import pygtk; pygtk.require("2.0")
import gtk

data = [[0,"zero"],[1,"one"],[2,"two"],[3,"three"],[4,"four"],[5,"five"],[6,"six"]]

class TreeDNDExample:

    def checkSanity(self, model, iter_to_copy, target_iter):
        path_of_iter_to_copy = model.get_path(iter_to_copy)
        path_of_target_iter = model.get_path(target_iter)
        if path_of_target_iter[0:len(path_of_iter_to_copy)] == path_of_iter_to_copy:
            return False
            return True
    def iterCopy(self, treeview, model, iter_to_copy, target_iter, pos):
        data_column_0 = model.get_value(iter_to_copy, 0)
        data_column_1 = model.get_value(iter_to_copy, 1)
        if (pos == gtk.TREE_VIEW_DROP_INTO_OR_BEFORE) or (pos == gtk.TREE_VIEW_DROP_INTO_OR_AFTER):
            new_iter = model.prepend(target_iter, None)
        elif pos == gtk.TREE_VIEW_DROP_BEFORE:
            new_iter = model.insert_before(None, target_iter)
        elif pos == gtk.TREE_VIEW_DROP_AFTER:
            new_iter = model.insert_after(None, target_iter)
        model.set_value(new_iter, 0, data_column_0)
        model.set_value(new_iter, 1, data_column_1)
        if model.iter_has_child(iter_to_copy):
            for i in range(0, model.iter_n_children(iter_to_copy)):
                next_iter_to_copy = model.iter_nth_child(iter_to_copy, i)
                self.iterCopy(treeview, model, next_iter_to_copy, new_iter, gtk.TREE_VIEW_DROP_INTO_OR_BEFORE)
    def onDragDataReceived(self, treeview, drag_context, x, y, selection, info, eventtime):
        path, pos = treeview.get_dest_row_at_pos(x, y)
        model, iter_to_copy = treeview.get_selection().get_selected()
        target_iter = model.get_iter(path)
        if self.checkSanity(model, iter_to_copy, target_iter):
            self.iterCopy(treeview, model, iter_to_copy, target_iter, pos)
            drag_context.finish(gtk.TRUE, gtk.TRUE, eventtime)
            drag_context.finish(gtk.FALSE, gtk.FALSE, eventtime)
    def __init__(self):
        window = gtk.Window(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
        window.connect("delete_event", gtk.mainquit)
        window.set_default_size(250, 350)
        scrolledwin = gtk.ScrolledWindow()
        scrolledwin.set_policy(gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC, gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC)
        model = gtk.TreeStore(int, str)
        for item in data:
            iter = model.append(None)
            model.set(iter, 0, item[0], 1, item[1])
        treeview = gtk.TreeView(model)
        treeview.enable_model_drag_source(gtk.gdk.BUTTON1_MASK, [("example", 0, 0)], gtk.gdk.ACTION_COPY)
        treeview.enable_model_drag_dest([("example", 0, 0)], gtk.gdk.ACTION_COPY)
        treeview.connect("drag_data_received", self.onDragDataReceived)
        renderer = gtk.CellRendererText()
        column = gtk.TreeViewColumn("Integer", renderer, text=0)
        column = gtk.TreeViewColumn("String", renderer, text=1)

def main():
    return 0

if __name__ == "__main__":

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