[pygtk] PIL and gtk.gdk.Pixbuf

Sebastian Wilhelmi seppi at seppi.de
Wed Jun 4 10:40:14 WST 2003


I want to display images from the PIL (Python Imaging Library) in GTK+.
To get them into a gtk.gdk.Pixbuf I wrote the following function. It
might be worth to be added to the FAQ.

import pygtk
import gtk

import StringIO
import Image

def Image_to_GdkPixbuf (image):
    file = StringIO.StringIO ()
    image.save (file, 'ppm')
    contents = file.getvalue()
    file.close ()
    loader = gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader ('pnm')
    loader.write (contents, len (contents))
    pixbuf = loader.get_pixbuf ()
    loader.close ()
    return pixbuf

Before you ask: StringIO here is faster than cStringIO in my
measurements. Also using ppm/pnm is faster than jpeg (which also would
lose information) or png.

Going the other way round (Pixbuf to Image) would probably involve
writing out a temporary, because there is no way to save a Pixbuf into a
buffer (is there?). Also this direction is not so important, beacuse
most of the time you do all your image processing inside PIL and only
display images with GdkPixbuf.

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