[pygtk] Limits of GConf

Rob Brown-Bayliss rob@zoism.org
31 Oct 2002 18:22:34 +1300

Hi, Slightly off topic today (for the pygtk list).

Does any one know the limits of GConf,  I am building an app and have
decided to pickle some data to GConf rather than to a file on disk.

It occured to me (about 2 mins ago) that GConf might have limits to the
size of a string.  I am doing cPickle.dumps(MyList_Of_Objects)

The list will grow quite large over time (perhapse a few hundred k), how
large is rather unpredictable, should I go back to pickling to a file?

To the non python folks thing of it as a large string.

Will GConf handle this or should I go back to a file for the larger


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