[pygtk] Wrapping gtksourceview [WORKS]

Johan Dahlin jdahlin@async.com.br
30 Oct 2002 20:25:05 -0300

Em Qua, 2002-10-30 =E0s 20:14, Ahmad Baitalmal escreveu:
> It's Alive!!

> The problem was that the header files in gtksourceview
> (gtksourcebuffer.h) had function declarations with no implementation.
> The compiler didn't complain when compiling gtksrouceview or the wrapper
> in gnome-python, but when importing it was looking for those functions.
I've seen the same issure a few times before, i've should have spotted
that before.

> So here are my next questions:
>         * How/Who do I send the fixes for gtksourceview to?
Check out the file AUTHOR or MAINTAINER in CVS.
IIRC it's Mikael Hermansson who's responsible.

>         * How/Who do I send my work to?
James, again, is there something for gnome-python?
>         * How do I correctly handle GList* functions because I don't
>           think they were created by codegen?
You can't you have to override them separately, add them to your
.override function and look in [gtk|pango|atk].override for examples how
to handle GLists.

>         * How do I correctly handle GError**?
The code generator should handle them correctly automagically.

> If there is a paper already out there on my questions please point me to
> it, otherwise, I might just write down my own experience as I go and
> make it available.

Sorry, i don't think it is. All you have is the source code for pygtk
and gnome-python. There is a lot of information in there, but you have
to dig.

> On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 06:12, Johan Dahlin wrote:
>     Verify with ld, so it's actually linked against libgtksourceview.o an=
>     verify so the symbol, gtk_source_buffer_get_tag_end exists in the
>     library by using nm.
> Johan: I think you meant "ldd"?
Indeed :-)

It's nice to see that more modules getting python bindings.
Keep up with the good work!

Johan Dahlin