[pygtk] Ctree and Checkboxes

Malcolm Tredinnick malcolm@commsecure.com.au
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 09:59:21 +1100

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 04:48:36PM -0600, Tanya Brethour wrote:
> Yes, I am using Gtk 2.0. I actually wasn't aware it was deprecated (I
> never used 1.2). Very good to know! 
> > If you are using Gtk 2, run gtk-demo (comes with the Gtk distribution)
> > and look at the Tree View -> Tree Store demo. That shows you can do
> > something like you are saying. There is also C source code available in
> > that demo to show you how it is done. That might give you some hints.
> Oh.. gtk-demo is very cool! The Tree Store is pretty much what I want. So
> the source is in C, but I can do this in python too (I am assuming).

With a bit of practice, converting between C examples and python
examples is pretty automatic. Also, you can make a lot of sense out of
the C API documentation (although James' Python API documentation is
pretty good, too). Have a look at 


for a lot of the C API doco.

> Thank you so much.. I've been searching on google for way too long and you
> answered my question in less than 1 minute! Thanks again!

No problems.


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