[pygtk] Ctree and Checkboxes

Jon Nelson jnelson@securepipe.com
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:54:50 -0600

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 16:31:34 -0600 (CST)
Tanya Brethour <brethour@ncsa.uiuc.edu> wrote:

> Ok. I am a newbie to gtk and python.. please do not let that scare you
> aware :)
> Essentially I have a ctree currently with many nodes in it. I want to be
> able to "check" certain nodes. So I would have the label and a small
> checkbox next to it. So the user can check certain items they want and
> leave the ones they don't unchecked. Make sense? 
> So.. I saw some messages on this list dating back to Nov. 2001 in
> regards to Ctree and Checkboxes and it did not look promising. From the
> pygtk tutorial.. I did not really find an answer. As far as I can tell
> ctree only lets you specify a open and closed image.

Well, if you are creative enough, you can just fake it using pixmaps.

(When I use 'tree' I refer to the specific ctree you are dealing with)

Let's say you have a dictionary of settings, like this:

    self.pixmaps = {}
    self.pixmaps['On'] = gtk.create_pixmap_from_xpm(tree, None, 'On.xpm')
    self.pixmaps['Off'] = gtk.create_pixmap_from_xpm(tree, None, 'Off.xpm')

you build the tree with:

        columns = [some text here]

(for nodes):      
        node = tree.insert_node(parent,None,columns,5,None,None,None,None,gtk.TRUE,gtk.FALSE)

(for branches):
        node = tree.insert_node(parent,None,columns,5,None,None,None,None,gtk.FALSE,gtk.FALSE)

and on each of them you call (setting is either 'On' or 'Off'):
(this is a function):

    (xpm,xpm_mask) = self.pixmaps[setting]
    col = 1
    (bleh,bleh,bleh,bleh,bleh,bleh,is_leaf,expanded) = tree.get_node_info(node)
    tree.set_node_info(node, setting, 5, xpm, xpm_mask, xpm, xpm_mask, is_leaf, expanded)


Now, when you want to "update" the pixmap as a result of some
user or programmatic action, you just do the same thing again (above)
with the appropriate setting.


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