[pygtk] hscale interaction.

Rob Brown-Bayliss rob@zoism.org
24 Oct 2002 14:41:25 +1300

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 14:02, Christian Reis wrote:

> Play with the widget is a bit vague.. motion_notify? focus_in?
> button_press? key_press?

Yes, it is a bit vague, I need to stop the timeout update when a user is
manipulating the widget.  I have tried the proximity, the focus and the
button press events but they are not getting through.  Basically once
the user has clicked on the slider to adjust the setting the update is
getting called and re-adjusting the slider.  Useing button_press to turn
of the timeout does notwork, basically  the widget seems to be not
issuing the the buttonpress event. the motion notify gets called  when
ever the timeout callback adjusts the value so thats not working either.



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