[pygtk] Detecting clicks on a Drawing Area

John Finlay finlay@moeraki.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:45:14 -0700

The example Scribble program in the PyGTK tutorial shows how to get and 
handle events for a drawingarea as well as how to setup a backing pixmap 
for handling the expose events:



LDC - Pablo Endres Lozada wrote:

> 	Ok here is how I'm doing the painting:
> 	        self.pixmacOK, mask = 
> gtk.create_pixmap_from_xpm(self.Main, self.style.bg[gtk.STATE_NORMAL], 
> self.macOK)
> 	        area.draw_pixmap(self.gc, self.pixmacOK, 0, 0, x1, y,
>                          self.pixmacOK.width, self.pixmacOK.height)
> 	How do I setup the event handler to a simple pixmap or even
> 	easyer how to a draw a gtk.Pixmap on the Drawing area?