[pygtk] ANNOUNCE: pygtk-1.99.10 and gnome-python-1.99.10

James Henstridge PyGTK List <pygtk@daa.com.au>
Tue, 14 May 2002 09:54:15 +0800

I have just released new versions of pygtk and gnome-python targetted at 
the GTK/GNOME 2.0 platform.  These packages contain python bindings for 
gtk and various other libraries.  You will need python >= 2.2 to build 
these packages.

You can download pygtk from either of:

And gnome-python can be found at:

You will require a copy of orbit-python to build gnome-python, which can 
be found at:

Alternatively if you are using jhbuild, simply add "meta-gnome-python" 
to the list of modules you build.  This will give you pygtk, 
orbit-python and gnome-python.

Some of the new features in this pygtk release include:

    * Make code generator handle (caller-owns-return ...) clause in defs
      file.  Also fixed a bug where the code generated to read fields
      from an object was assuming that it owned the return sometimes
      (which was particularly bad for strings, as it would then free
      them ..)
    * Some function name changes in the gtk.gl module (stripping off
      gtk_gl_ or gdk_gl_ prefix).
    * Handling of unsigned int/long types improved (so it can accept a
      python long that represents the unsigned value). (Matt Wilson)
    * A number of extra GtkTree functions have been wrapped, including
    * GtkTreeModel.get_path() now expects a single argument -- a tuple
      of integers (rather than a variable number of integer arguments).

New features in this gnome-python release include:

    * Update GConf module to work with recent GConf releases (removed
      accessors for some fields).
    * Added GtkHTML2 binding (Matt Wilson).
    * Install defs files so that other bindings can build on top of them.


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