[pygtk] OT: Advice on UI design

Rob Brown-Bayliss on_the_net@clear.net.nz
02 Feb 2002 08:38:02 +1300

Hi, I am just looking for ideas and comments on UI design before I get
going on a project.

What I am planning is a simple gnome window with the normal tool bars
etc, down  the left side is a ctree where the user can click on a branch
and it will load a module into the right (the module load as pages on a
notebook without tabs showing).

Sort of like the gnome control panel...

I was wondering if there are other ways people here would aproach this,
I guess in pygnome 2 I could use the shortcut bar from evolution instead
of the ctree, but the basic layout is the same.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss