[pygtk] Has anyone built pygtk for AIX ?

Aaron Optimizer Digulla digulla@hepe.com
Fri, 01 Sep 2000 16:32:50 +0200 (CEST)

Quoting "Steven D. Majewski" <sdm7g@virginia.edu>:

> Has anyone managed to build a working, dynamic loadable pygtk module
> on AIX/RS6000 ? 

Yes. You must do several things:

- You must link python and all shared libraries which you are using
(ie. libgtk*.so, gtkmodule.so, etc.) with -brtl (-Wl,brtl when you
use gcc instead of ld).
- You must have bos.rte.bind_cmds version (if you're
using AIX 4.3.2) or better.

> and I get a warning about duplicate symbols .memcpy & memcpy. 

These can be ignored.

> importing _gtk from Python gives me a core dump. 

This is because of a bug in the dynamic linker of AIX. To make things
more simple, always run "make check" when you compile the Gtk libraries.
This way, it will already fail when you run any of the tests in gtk.

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