[pygtk] making an easy tutorial and ref book.

Joe Van Andel vanandel@atd.ucar.edu
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:49:30 -0600

> I'm thinking of making an easy tutorial for people who want  learning
> the very basics of programming. It will be based on python and pygtk.
> Is someone already doing that ?

Here are some tutorials.  They don't teach the basics of programming,
but they do teach how to use pygtk and glade.


> It would be fine to do a reference documentation on all functions and classes in
> the gtk.py,
> with simples codes examples. Is there a program that could extract those classes
> and functions from
> gtk.py and even put them in a primitive shape, so I could then work on them more
> easily.

It would be great it you could submit documentation strings to James
Henstridge for gtk.py .
This would allow using 'HappyDoc'
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/happydoc) to generate

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