[pygtk] Okay.....

Edward Muller edwardam@home.com
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 23:20:26 -0400 (EDT)

I have an applet that I am writing. It spawns another thread (that only updates
one control, and that call is wrapped in
threads_enter()/threads_leave() calls), adds two menu entries to the applet
menu. One is the stock_callback for about, the other is a call to the .show
function of a GtkDialog inherited class. 

Here where it gets interesting...

I can open/close the About dialog as many time as I want, then exit the program
cleanly, by right clicking on the the applet and saying 'Remove from
panel'. But, when I use the GtkDialog's.show() method (which does work) and then
click on the cancel button (it only has a okay/cancel button right now) which is
hooked up to self.hide(), then try to close the applet from the 'Remove from
panel' menu entry, the application continues to run, my other thread never
recieves a signal (it does when I open/close about), and the graphic's that I've
put on the panel do disapeer....

If anyone wants to see the file, let me know...