[pygtk] Window Stacking Problem

Mitch Chapman mitch.chapman@mciworld.com
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 07:34:53 -0600

James Henstridge wrote:
> Note that the set_transient_for() hint is a window manager hint, and is
> not interpretted the same by all window managers (some even allow the user
> to control how it is handled, some ignore it), so it may just be your
> window manager that prevents the separate iconification.  Unless you can
> control what window manager is in use, this requirement may be very
> difficult to implement.

As you imply, we can't control the window manager in use.  The short
list is kwm, mwm, IRIX (4dwm?) and whatever the heck Exceed uses.
And in any case, every window manager I've ever used has interpreted 
set_transient_for() as "put this window into the same group
with its master, and iconify them as a group".  So the behavior is
consistently not what I want :)

Thanks for the feedback.  You're making it clear that I need to
rethink presentation of "zoomed" content.

Or maybe we should just upgrade our gnome-python installation.
1.0.53 exposes gdk_window_raise()...

Mitch Chapman
Finding a deeper quagmire

P.S. I used to use Sunsoft's Teamware quite a bit.  You could detect
     new Teamware users by sound:  first you'd hear cursing, as they
     discovered Teamware's fondness for transient windows; then you'd
     hear lots of mouse-scraping as they tried to drag those windows
     out of the way.