[pygtk] adding gdk functions

Dave Reed dreed@capital.edu
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 13:28:48 -0400 (EDT)

First, thanks for making pygtk! It's much nicer than programming gtk
apps with C/C++

I'm very new to pygtk so I may be way off base. . . 

It appears to me that not all the gdk functions are yet part of
pygtk.  I'd like to use gdk_image_get and a few others.  Is it part of
pygtk and I just don't know how to get at it or are there some gdk
functions that have not been added yet?

Looking at the generate/gtk.defs file I wonder if I just add

(define-func gdk_image_get

along with the prototype info, I can then rebuild pygtk and get access
to them.  Is this correct?  Is the gtk.defs file automatically
generated or is it just a matter of people adding the info to the
gtk.defs file and I'm the first to want to use the gdk_image get

Other suggestions?