[pygtk] python, libglade, GtkXmHTML

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 18:39:23 +0200

Hi there,

I'm not sure if I'm on the right list here for my question. I've
been playing with Glade, the python bindings to libglade and to 
gtk. Actually I just started playing with all of yesterday and I already
have a mini application working; kudos to everyone involved! Great stuff.

I ran into one problem with libglade though; I wanted to use
GtkXmHTML to display simple HTML. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be
supported by default by Glade, so I can't add it there. I tried two

  * do a manual .add() of a GtkXmHTML instance to a widget in my 
    libglade built window.

    This doesn't seem to do anything. Can't even add buttons or labels
    this way. Is this due to the use of libglade? It seemed to work in
    PyGTK proper.

  * I saw a reference to the CustomWidget (which is in glade). You're
    supposed to give a build function, and apparently 'gmodule' will
    be involved. I couldn't figure this out and I didn't find any
    Python bindings for this anyway, so I ran into a wall here too.

Does anyone have any suggestions for using GtkXmHTML with a libglade-built
user interface (in Python)?