[pygtk] gtk-1.3 work

James Henstridge james@daa.com.au
Wed, 5 Jul 2000 20:17:41 +0800 (WST)

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Hassan Aurag wrote:

>  This is really cool.
>  Any ideas when one will be able to get gtk 1.4, gnome 2.0, python 2.0 
> and all those nifty things?

Gtk+-2.0 (it is now official that they will be calling it that rather than
1.4 -- so we have gtk 2.0, gnome 2.0 and python 2.0) is available from
cvs.  There is no usable gnome-libs-2.0 at the moment, and won't be for a
few more months.  Python-2.0b1 is supposed to be out soon, but you can get
it from cvs with the following root under the module python:
(just press enter for the password).

>  I'd really like to start using them, but am not yet hack-fluent enough 
> to just dive in.

As I said in the message, I just hacked together enough of the gtk
wrappers to put a GtkLabel inside a GtkWindow and start the main
loop.  There will be a while before there is any useful gtk+-2.0 based
pygtk stuff to play around with.  Gtk+ is still a bit unstable (I am
currently waiting for the GObject signals implementation), so don't
expect things too soon.  I have ported over most of the useful stuff from
the extension-class-branch for hacking on gtk+-2.0 support.

>  And while you are at it, can anyone point me to a nice tutorial on how 
> to use Extension class? Something a la Learning Python

If you downloaded the pygtk extension-class-branch, I think there was a
file ExtensionClass.stx in there that is the ExtensionClass
documentation.  If it is not there, you should be able to find it on
either www.digicool.com or www.zope.org.

> > James.


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