[pygtk] drag and drop

Steve Cresawn scresawn@ufl.edu
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:26:30 -0400

> Quoting Steve Cresawn <scresawn@ufl.edu>:
> > I' have a window that contains 2 clists, and I'm trying to drag and drop
> > from each of them to the other one.  However, I don't want to be able to
> > drag
> > and drop from either to itself.  I do want to be able to drag to reorder
> > each
> > list, though, using:
> > clist.set_reorderable(TRUE)
> What is the difference between reorder and DnD to itself ?

Well, when I have the clist set to reorderable, I see a line put between items
in the list that indicates where a row will be inserted as it is dragged over
the clist.  I like this behavior, but I don't see it when using drag and drop
from the clist to itself.  In this case, the entire clist widget gets
"highlighted" as I drag over any part of it.
    I really like the horizontal line that appears with the clist set to be
reorderable.  However, I can't figure out how to have the clist reorderable,
and allow the clist to receive drops from widgets other than itself.
Incidentally, I did see that there's a way for a widget to accept drops only
from itself, but what I want is just the opposite.  I hope this is a bit
clearer than my original post.